Italians on the Titanic

History Channel

References: History Channel

The idea behind this story, came into the bright mind of Ezio Savino. Investigating and researching, our team discovered intriguing details, never-told stories, that probably inspired James Cameron in giving life to Jack Dawson, the star of the movie Titanic.

Project / Synopsis

There were 37 italians on the Titanic. 29 of them worked in the first class restaurant in the employ of Luigi Gatti, an italian who had made a fortune in London where he had opened a number of restaurants. At that time, italian waiters were a guarantee of quality. Among the 8 passengers there was Giuseppe Portaluppi, a former italian stonemason, who had migrated to America years before and was successful as sculptor and decorator in the construction industry. He had boarded with a second-class ticket but was travelling in first class. His profile is astoundingly alike to the star of a famous kolossal...